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With work experience as a marketing professional for fifteen years, my experience has been in different sectors such as start-up, entertainment, retail, technology, telecommunication and customer experience companies.

I started my professional life in AFM – Cinemaximum marketing department and continued in brand, product, and digital marketing in Teknoloji Holding, TTNET and Balparmak. Then I worked at Turkcell Global Bilgi to guide leading brands in various industries in the digital world. This experience provides me with a fundamental understanding of how digital marketing is successful in a global context. Moreover, I am passionate about my profession, and this passion has led me to be awarded for my work.

I shared my experiences in business life with Hardware Plus readers; you can find my articles below. I also write what I have experienced and seen in daily life on my blog, Fıstıkyesili. Recently, I completed an MBA program at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) for an academic update on my market know-how.

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