Portfolio of Data Analytics

Social Media Data Analysis

Social Sniffer Suite collects social media data and process this data with artificial intelligence. My team then checks all data and corrects the mistakes of artificial intelligence—this way, the social media management product learns how to categorize social media data.

Social Sniffer Suite’s dashboard offers basic reporting templates. Our corporate customers are enormous companies, and they want tailor-made social media reports to share with their top management teams. We need to categorize and analyze social media data very carefully to meet our customers’ demands.

My team prepared social media reports in Turkish and English for various clients on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Our clients were Media Markt, Ziraat Bankasi, Turkcell IVR, Halkbank, Gaziantep Buyuksehir Belediyesi.

We had clients who want to design reports following corporate identity. I guided my design expert on my team to make the reports’ designs in the right way as the customers want. Some customers wish to reports in pdf format, while others prefer the infographic report.

An sample of Media Markt monthly media report is below.

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