Portfolio of Website Management

Website Management


I wrote Search Engine friendly content for the Panda Clinic’s services, registered massage therapy (RMT), acupuncture, physiotherapy, acupressure treatment, Swedish massage, chiropractic, natural path, direct billing webpages.

I listed the keywords with a high search volume for Panda Clinic’s services, such as massage, acupuncture, and cupping.

I added these keywords to the page’s meta tags; I updated the page’s description content with them; I also seeded them in the body content.

You can enlarge the view by clicking on the images to read the contents of the web pages.


Registered Massage Therapy



Acupressure Treatment

Swedish Massage


Direct Billing

Natural Path

Landing Page Content

Panda Clinic has to use the Facebook advertisement budget most efficiently to gain new customers. Ads texts and visuals must be consistent with the content and visuals on the landing page to effectively use the budget.

Accordingly, I prepared a constant ad and landing page for massage, acupuncture, acupressure, and cupping services. I published over twenty advertisements and landing pages. In this way, I managed to reduce the cost of leads through advertising by sixty percent.

Corporate Content

Mission Statements

I suggested mission statements for Latincouver, Carnaval Del Sol, Latin Plaza Hub, Expo Plaza Latina, LCPN, and ILA.

Mission and Vision Statements

During my MBA education at NYIT, I made a Practicum for Reliable Wheel Products.

In the final presentation of the Practicum, I suggested mission and vision definitions to the company. 

Organization Descriptions

I suggested organization descriptions for Latincouver, Carnaval Del Sol, Latin Plaza Hub, Expo Plaza Latina, LCPN, and ILA.

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