Portfolio of Project Management

Business Challenge 2020

The New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) is a private research university with two main campuses in New York. Additionally, it has campuses in Arkansas, United Arab Emirates, China and Canada. NYIT’s Canada campus is located in BC, Vancouver.

NYIT School of Management is the business school of the New York Institute of Technology. NYIT School of Management offers postgraduate degrees in human resource management and business relations (MS), including Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master’s degrees.

NYIT School of Management has organized a competition called Business Challenge 2020 for all master students on the Vancouver campus.

Google Form

Business Challenge 2020 (BC2020) is a competition in Digital & Social Media Strategy. The challenge was organized by the initiative of Dr. Elisa Chan, Assistant Professor of Marketing.

I had a part-time role as the Project Coordinator of this 10-week project. I actively took part in all phases of the project, from the planning stage at the very beginning to the announcement of the winners at the end, and the delivery of their certificates and gifts.

I wrote the content and designed the Google Form of the project,

I published the form, followed and approved the applications.

For the social media announcements; I wrote the contents of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram announcements and made the designs.

I wrote the content and made the design of the pamphlet.

I made a short video production for the challenge.

I wrote the content of the certificate and designed it.

I wrote the contents of the module pages and made the designs on the Canvas.

I searched for resources to help participants compete. I published the resources I found, short descriptions, complete contents in pdf form, along with links, on the Canvas pages of the competition.

I wrote the competition’s announcements for the participants and published them via Canvas.

Instagram Post

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